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Written by Emil Andersson on August 4th, 2022 in Discussion

My new website is soon live and I want to do a short brief on how I built it. It is built with pure PHP and Javascript with a small touch of jQuery. I'm planning on removing jQuery dependency within a couple of weeks. No templates, no pre-built components other than native PHP components. To be honest, before I started this project I had to look at tutorials every time I had to write a SQL query in PHP. After this project I can say with pride; "I'm now a SQL/MYSQL hobby wizard".

Portfolio Styling

The portfolio was built with custom styling for every single project. Every page takes advantage of having custom CSS classes with post id in the HTML elements. This way I can style every project page as fit. I'm planning on doing something really cool for these pages soon (CSS animations and Javascript mostly).

Portfolio Add New

In previous versions of this website, I used WordPress for the back-end. This time I made everything from scratch. I ended up going with front-end editing instead of having an admin panel. All other management is also done in the front-end (you could say it's a hybrid between front-end and back-end). user management, account settings, add content etc. Everything is made from the front-end.

This blog use SEO friendly URLs (custom PHP routing) to gain more traction on Google and other search engines.

Features this site take advantage of:

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