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UI Designer / Web Developer / 3D Artist / Video Editor

Hello, I was born in a small town Skänninge in Sweden 1989. When I was a child I was called "the police" because I always wanted decide what to do when we were outside playing. Then I hit teenager years and learned that I could have a lot more fun when I didn't had the control in every situation. In the universe of the Internet, I could control how much I wanted. I honestly think this is what made me a better person in real life.

When I turned 20 years old, my friend and I started our own agency. The name of this agency was Delive Solutions. We were young and hungry. The first clients were very happy with our websites, now 15 years later I can still see former clients driving around with their branding we helped them create. After our first year, our website was featured on Awwwards. We were on the top of the world. Then two years later we got some problems due to the economy and we winded down. Since then I've kept doing this as a hobby.

Now I'm 33 years old. Today I'm looking for freelancing work or to be part of your company as a developer, graphic designer, video editor or 3D artist. Contact me if you're interested.

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